At Nypunya School of Excellence, we firmly believe that every child, with the right mindset, support, and encouragement, can unlock and fulfill their true potential. Our commitment lies in creating an environment where each student is empowered to embrace their capabilities, fostering a culture of growth, achievement, and self-realization.

Curriculum - Nurturing well-rounded Excellence

At Nypunya School of Excellence we follow a curriculum that nurtures the child physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Our child centric teaching learning approaches support the child to develop skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

Key features of the Curriculum at Nypunya

Innovative Teaching Methods

Our faculty employs varied teaching methodologies like interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and multimedia resources to make learning engaging and effective.

Practical Application

We believe in experiential learning. Practical work, projects, and laboratory sessions are integral components of our ICSE curriculum, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Holistic Assessment

Internal assessments, including projects, assignments, LSRW and practical work, complement the external examinations.

Career Guidance and Counselling

The children are offered career guidance to help them make informed decisions about their future academic and career paths.


The school encourages children to take part in National Level Olympiads.


“Learning is Exploring, Experimenting and Responding”

For the Early Years, the school is following a child-centric approach. The curriculum and the activities involve learning experiences through active involvement with the materials. Children are encouraged to develop their love of learning.

A walk through the Kindergarten will take you through a world of vibrant colors, music and activity based learning. Kindergarten is the foundation stage of the learning process and we plan to lay a strong foundation to support the holistic growth of the child during the learning years. The curriculum addresses the uniqueness of each child and provides exposure beyond the academics. Children are born with a disposition to play, observe, investigate and learn. The enriching environment helps children to begin a joyful journey of independent learning in our school.

The foundation years at kindergarten focuses on the areas of social-emotional development, Motor skill development, Language and Numeracy. The circle time hour gives opportunity to children to interact and converse.

Primary Years (Grade 1 to 5)

The curriculum encourages children to explore their interests, as they move gradually from the familiar to the unknown. Teachers facilitate students with ample opportunities to express and foster their curiosity. Children begin the transition from concrete to abstract. They are able to visualise, imagine and form ideas. The Primary years facilitate learning by doing which arouses the natural curiosity of the child in school and beyond. There is great scope for creativity, self-expression and social skills of adaptability and team work. Children work in smaller groups and learn to collaborate with each other. The curriculum and teaching learning methodologies create a joyful learning environment. This helps children develop a love for learning which leads them to become lifelong learners.

  • English: Children develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, along with comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • Math: Children develop mathematical and logical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills. They apply these skills to solve problems and attain proficiency in fundamental mathematical concepts.
  • Environmental Studies (EVS) (Grade 1 to 3): Children learn about the natural, social, and cultural environment in an integrated manner.
  • Science (Grades 4 & 5):  Children develop curiosity, analytical, and critical thinking skills through hands-on learning, simple experiments, and projects.
  • Social Studies(Grades 4 & 5):  Children develop analytical and critical thinking skills, inquiry, reasoning, and map marking skills, besides learning about active citizenship.
  • Languages: Children develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to provide a foundation for the language. Activities and programs are designed to instill a love for reading and learning languages.
  • Computer Science: Children learn to use technology to accomplish tasks, communicate effectively, and securely.

In addition to these core subjects, the curriculum also offers programs in Kannada, Hindi, and French.

Middle Years (Grade 6 to 8)

Middle School prepares students for the academic rigor of high school. At this stage, study skills are sharpened, and concepts are thoroughly grounded. A transition program eases students into the new subjects, learning approaches, and assessment patterns. Life and 21st-century skills are integrated into the curriculum.

Tests and examinations become part of the assessment methodology, and parents are regularly updated on their child’s progress. We believe that every student has the potential to rise to challenges and develop their self-confidence, leadership skills, and social awareness at this level. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-school competitions and educational trips.


English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Kannada (II Language), Hindi/French (III Language) & Computer Science

Additional Activities:

  • Music: Enhances cognitive function and appreciation for various musical styles.
  • Art: Encourages creating artwork and provides training for Karnataka Board Exam for Drawing.
  • Dance: Introduces diverse dance forms representing Indian culture.
  • Physical Education: Develops physical fitness and sportsmanship through individual and group games.
  • Yoga: Promotes focus and balance through chanting, brain power yoga, and asanas.
  • Field Trips and Excursions: Provide first-hand observation of real-life contexts related to subjects studied.

Grade IX & X

  • Our school’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to prepare students for success in a world that is constantly evolving. We recognize the importance of not only imparting knowledge but also fostering essential skills and cultivating strong values. Our educational approach encompasses a holistic experience that encompasses academic rigor, personal growth, and societal awareness.

    Academic Excellence as the Cornerstone

    Academic excellence stands as the cornerstone of our curriculum. We believe that a strong foundation in core subjects is paramount for students to navigate the complexities of the modern world. Our teachers are dedicated to providing engaging and stimulating instruction that challenges students to reach their full potential.

Uniqueness of Nypunya School of Excellence

Experience a learning environment where state-of-the-art facilities converge with tradition.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Regular parent-teacher meetings foster collaboration between parents and teachers to support a child's academic progress.

Events & Celebrations

Cultural events and celebrations enrich the school curriculum, fostering respect for diverse traditions and historical significance.

The School Cabinet

Through self-nomination and voting, students in the school cabinet develop leadership skills by collaborating with teachers to solve problems and think critically.


Assessments, including orals and written papers, evaluate a child's learning, identify strengths and improvement areas, and guide teacher and parent support.

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