Academic Advisory Board

Welcome to Nypunya School of Excellence

Expressing gratitude for choosing Nypunya School of Excellence a pivotal decision in ensuring the right educational environment for your child, one of the most significant choices a parent makes. At NSE, our commitment aligns with your goal, making this transition seamless and supportive.


Meet Raghu R, the Chairman of Nypunya School of Excellence. A fervent educator, Raghu’s leadership style is grounded in collaboration and facilitation, with a commitment to making a positive impact on children’s lives. NSE, under his guidance, endeavors to create a welcoming learning environment, dedicated to delivering the highest quality education to every child.

With over a decade immersed in the education domain, Recognizing that education is a fundamental aspect of an individual’s journey, We believe it requires both sensibility and sensitivity given its profound impact on our world, country, and personal identity.

The excitement of bringing Nypunya to the culturally rich city of Mysuru is profound. This sacred city mirrors the mindfulness of its inhabitants, providing an ideal backdrop for a school committed to excellence.

Raghu R

Chairman, Nypunya School of Excellence

Members of Advisory Committee

  1. Dr. Gururaj Karajagi
  2. Shanthala Vattam
  3. Shankaregowda
  4. Shivanand Kalkeri
  5. Jayaram
  6. Dr. Lakshminarayan
  7. Narayan Gowda
  8. K.B. Ganapathy
  9. Dr. Savitha
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