Makara Sankranthi Festival Celebrations​

Makara Sankranthi Festival Celebrations

Program Information

Makara Sankranthi Festival Celebrations


NSE, Mysore campus


26th January, 2023

School Level Programme

Makara Sankranthi Festival Celebrations

Makara Sankranti is a key Hindu festival which is observed to commemorate the arrival of a fresh harvest. It also signifies the movement of Lord Sun into Makara Rashi.

As the festival was on a Sunday this year, the students of 7th and 8th grade from NSE, Mysore had something special planned to celebrate with their teachers on the 16th January. They had arranged a “pot-lock!”.


The students thoughtfully had selected various delicacies from their list and had the dishes prepared at their homes and brought them to the school to enjoy with their friends and teachers. The end result turned out to be a lavish buffet. The teachers community headed by the Principal Ms. Shilpa Prashanth participated in the celebrations with the children which included sharing the delicious preparation of “ellu-bella” along with sugarcane pieces. The teachers were then brought into the dining area where the delicious food with so much variety and taste were served to the teachers and the children alike.


It was a wonderful experience for the students who understood the value of celebrating such festivals and also the importance it signifies in the Hindu calendar. The entire event was captured in colorful pictures to make it even more memorable.

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